Unclaimed by Time

Forsooth, doth Time ride wings of ‘nconstant sight For gifts and laughs of thou it quick accepts And only trick, to slinker into night But also nurture seedling into spruce Besotten by the lust of moment’s charm Sweet lotus flower, glass of vino red Seduced may wake to thorned rosette’s alarm For Time and Death,…

Master to the Winds of Legend

To be a master of these slip’ry words And catch ahold of those that whisper true Doth call for quest among the dust of herds Perhaps among the night it shall be due For whilst thy eye seek honestly and good No evil comst to burn the age-ed scrolls That one may see and over…

Wish Upon a Star

Tell me when I wished on a star Tell me what I did when I was young Tell me when I knew and cared not When I believed I could possess the ever sky Tell me when I believed the stories Each one that glimmered and shone in magic A flitting image spoke many words,…

Flight Upon a Wing

Scattered flecks pulsing Citrus, tangy, fleeting upon ebony black Light and dark, loud and soft, medley of colors front and back Distant wishes, fingertips yearn Oh, for flight upon a wing

He Has Felt, He Has Hoped

Torn from his dreams, shattered to dust. Reduced to embers, that flicker upon ice. Tortured by the fist, that reaches into the gut. Squeezes, twists, pleasures in pain. Hand of wretchedness, thin and weak. Unable to grasp, to wish, to hope. Who is this gaunt, malnourished being? Emaciated, weary, frigid within? Once a child, an…

Fleet-footed Song

A mild shiver breezes by, a whisper upon the western zephyr The words murmur the trails of white paint, streaks, art of wishful song But ancient chants live not for long… What it yearns, searches, hopes- Has left us long.

A Legend Passes

Why are the fingers outstretched? Why do they probe, reach, grasp for blustery air? Deep pockmarks, scars, paths, scribble across the palm, legends of stories. But no more, for the hand is now still, the longing sighs- crumbled to dust.